Our Manufacturing Process

The Covid-19 pandemic that starting in 2020 was a tragic and scary global situation. Among many lessons learned was the weaknesses of our global supply chain and manufacturing industry. Massive disruptions ensued along with really long lead times. It's taken years for the world to reboot and reset and as of 2022 we still aren't back to normal.

It was during this period we decided that Gorman Precision would adopt a new and cutting edge manufacturing approach where products are made-to-order (MTO), inventory is digital, and automation was a something designed in from the start. We would leverage additive manufacturing from day 1 and create highly customizable products as customers purchased them. We would make products in house and in the USA. We leveraged our software engineering background to create a highly automated digital workflow where we focus on ensuring an amazing customer experience.

To this end we invested in state-of-the-art industrial additive manufacturing machines and created a digital inventory management system to go along with it. Markforged industrial printers form our first wave of machines producing strong end-use parts that have continuous carbon fibers strung throughout. Part of our secret sauce is how we design for additive manufacturing and how we design using continuous carbon fiber to make very strong yet lightweight parts. We employ Autodesk Fusion 360 to give us maximum design flexibility and power, and can rapidly create new products as demand dictates. As we grow and develop new products we will continue to add new start-of-the-art machines and technology.

We are continually growing and learning - so follow us on Instagram to come with us on this journey!