Our Story

As long as I can remember, our family and friends have been rabid outdoors enthusiasts - overlanding, camping, riding, racing. From racing UTV's in the Mint400 and e3 class in the 25 hours of Thunderhill - to mountain biking and overlanding everywhere in the west for many years. We've built a body of experience.


Through our experience we had grown to expect a certain level of usefulness, quality and flexibility and we wanted it for every outdoor experience. Why shouldn't overland and outdoors gear be more like the gear we use when we race in the desert? We needed super durable, highly flexible and built to last components. 

The idea for Gorman Precision came about one night around the campfire as we pondered this state of affairs. We have backgrounds in CAD/CAM, design, and entrepreneurship. Why couldn't we make things again? We couldn't look away.

Gorman Precision was born - a design and manufacture studio to focus on small batch, precision made, high quality and light weight components to fill this massive gap.

Front and center was to build an ethos where we own the invention, manufacturing process, quality, the entire product end-to-end. We didn't want to be a marketing front for an overseas contract manufacturer - but help reinvent American manufacturing as nimble, smart, automated, and competitive again. We can do it by starting small and embracing making things again. We aren't pioneers of this idea, rather, part of a growing community who shares these core values.

We hope you come on this journey with us, and help us build something awesome.

You can follow along with our adventures @gormanoutdoors, @gormanprecision, and @gormanmotorsports on Instagram. Give us a like or a follow.